Take and Make Science SightWe will see all we can see in February as we explore how sight works in our take-and-make science program. This month’s activities include:

  • Secret Messages – make your own color-coded hidden messages.
  • Hole in Your Hand – create an optical illusion where a hole appears in your hand.
  • Model Eye – build a working model of the human eye.
  • Snowglobe Thaumatrope – assemble a classic toy that let’s you see two images as one.

Kits are available now! Just stop by the Library during our curbside pickup hours and ask for the take and make science kit.

Sensory Sensations is a take-and-make program of science experiments and STEAM learning for kids of all ages. Each month from January to May, we will explore one of the five senses through a series of weekly experiments or projects. Most experiments can be done with items easily found at home, but we will also have packets available each month with the materials, printed instructions, and a list of related resources both in our collection and online.

Photo by Wynand van Poortvliet on Unsplash