Museum & Park Passes

LCL has one of each of the following passes that allow free admission to the park or museum. Any registered adult cardholder in good standing may borrow a pass.

  • The pass may be borrowed for a one-week period.
  • Passes are not holdable or renewable and will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Fines for overdue passes are $1 per day with a maximum overdue fine of $10. 

Passes must be returned to a clerk at the circulation desk. Please do not return them in the book drop.

  • Museum of the Earth and Cayuga Nature Center
    The pass entitles the holder (and family) to one visit to each museum during the one-week period. The fee for a lost pass is $60.
  • Empire Pass
    The pass is good for vehicle entry to any New York State Park (except during special events when another organization is charging admission). The fee for a lost pass is $85
  • Sciencenter Pass
    Entitles the holder (and family) to visit the Sciencenter. The fee for a lost pass is $85.

Museum Pass Kits

You can now borrow any of three new Museum Pass Kits from the library! There are two Sciencenter Kits – each kit has a Sciencenter pass and a book.  One kit contains the book “The Outdoor Scientist: The Wonder of Observing the Natural World” by Temple Grandin, the other contains Steve Spangler’s “Super Cool Science Experiments for Kids.” There is also one Museum of the Earth/Cayuga Nature Center Kit with a pass to these PRI (Paleontological Research Institution) locations and the book “How the Dinosaur Got to the Museum” by Jessie Hartland.

The kits may be checked out using an adult patron’s library card for a loan period of 7 days. Kits can not be placed on hold.
Replacement fees for loss or damage of
-a book is $10
-a Sciencenter pass is $50
-a PRI (Museum of the Earth/Cayuga Nature Center) pass is $150

Kits must be returned to a clerk at the circulation desk.
Please do not return them in the book drop.

Included in the kit is a short printed survey and a link to the same survey online.
We encourage you to complete this survey when you are ready to return the kit – your feedback will help the library to better serve our community.

The kits were purchased with a grant from the Myrtle Dee Nash Memorial Fund of Community Foundation of Tompkins County.

Find out more about the Sciencenter and PRI’s Museum of the Earth & Cayuga Nature Center!


LCL created a puzzle collection in 2015 that patrons may check out just like they check out other collection items. Stop in and browse the offerings that are located in the downstairs board room.


Bring hands-on math- and science-based learning home with our circulating collection of STEAM to Go! Kits. Search the catalog by title to check availability.

Interest Grade: PK – 3

This science focused STEAM kit is a dynamic, hands-on introduction to the fascinating powers of magnets. STEAM lessons are irresistible when you add the excitement of fun, colorful tools to scientific exploration. Kit includes:

  • Magnets Push, Magnets Pull by David A. Adler and Anna Raff
  • STEM explorers magnet movers set [30 chips, 1 wand magnet, 1 horseshoe magnet, 1 bar magnet, 1 post magnet, 2 magnetic rings, 2 magnetic balls, 1 activity guide]
  • STEAM magnets activity set [2 bar magnets, 2 magnetic bugs, 4 ring magnets, 1 horseshoe magnet, 1 magnetic post, 2 snap-on cars, 1 tray with maze, string, 10 double-sided activity cards, 1 comprehensive activity guide]

Interest: Grade 4+

This technology focused STEAM kit explores the most amazing and awe-inspiring facts about technology and inventions throughout history. Then get active with two different games; one involving strategy, logic and coding, and the other using memory to learn about famous inventions. Kit includes:

  • Byte-sized world of technology by Melvin and Gilda Berger
  • Marble circuit [1 game board, 64 puzzle cards, 10 multi-directional tiles, 8 steel marbles, 1 instruction book]
  • BrainBox STEAM : Inventions [55 cards, 1 sand timer, 1 eight-sided die]

Interest Grade: 4+

This science focused STEAM kit is packed full of extraordinary science facts that kids will love to discover and share. Then play the fun and memory-boosting game featuring essential science and nature topics or examine specimens and prepared slides under the microscope. Kit includes:

  • Science is awesome! : 101 incredible things every kid should know by Lisa Regan
  • Elite microscope set [1 microscope that magnifies up to 600x, 2 vials, 1 tweezers, 1 hand magnifier, 2 prepared slides (plants and pollen/spores), 6 blank slides and cover slips]
  • 6 prepared slides with 4 specimens each [tiny creatures, textile fibers, pollen and spores, insects, animals, plants]
  • BrainBox STEAM : science and nature game [55 cards, 1 sand timer, 1 eight-sided die]

Interest Grade: 4+

This Math focused STEAM kit tells you 101 incredible things every kid should know about math, and helps make math fun with two games to test your knowledge of geometry, fractions, and more. Kids will have math on their minds with this entertaining kit that brings math to life like you’ve never seen before. Kit includes:

  • Math is awesome! : 101 incredible things every kid should know by Thomas Canavan
  • Brainbox math — Head full of numbers game. [55 cards to replicate, 1 sand timer, 1 eight-sided die]
  • Head full of numbers game [3 standard dice, 3 custom dice, 1 head-shaped dice shaker, 1 sand timer, 1 score pad, 1 dice tray])

Interest Grade: PK – 3

This math-focused STEAM kit encourages critical thinking and sparks memorable mathematical conversations. Colorful, engaging pieces with rich texures provide a great way to encourage a child’s sense and strengthen fine motor skills. Kit includes:

  • Which One Doesn’t Belong?: A Shapes Book by Christopher Danielson
  • Imagination Patterns Set in a box containing:
    • 48 wooden magnetic blocks
    • 50 full-color design cards to replicate
    • 1 wood carrying case with magnetic white board inside
  • Teaching Tac-Tiles Set containing:
    • 20 pieces in 5 shapes and 4 textures measuring 2”
    • 10 activity cards
    • 1 red drawstring bag for holding the pieces together

Interest: PK-3

This technology focused STEAM kit if full of fun facts about robots, computers, x-rays and other cool technology and inventions. Then get active with the interactive coding games that keeps bodies busy while brains gain valuable practice in sequencing, decision making and following commands just like a computer. Kit includes:

  • Robots can’t dance!  by Hannah Eliot
  • Code Hopper active game in box
  • Coding Critters activity set in a box  [color, bright foam linking mats, cardboard and plastic pieces]

Storytime Kits

Create your own storytime at home! Check out one of our four kits that contain books and extension resources related to a theme.

Additional kits are available from other libraries in the system. Search for “story time kit” in the library catalog to view all the storytime and sensory kits available.

Games Collection

See our collection of board games and card games available for checkout!


At Other Libraries

Several libraries in the Finger Lakes Library System offer items that you can use and take home with you. You can place a hold on many items to have them sent to your local library.