• Bink & Gollie: Two For One

Bink & Gollie: Two For One

May 10th, 2021|

Pages to Projects – May 2021 This month we will read Bink & Gollie: Two For One by Kate DiCamillo and Allison McGhee (illustrated by Tony Fucile). From the publisher: The state fair is [...]

Chicken BBQ Fundraiser

May 6th, 2021|

Come get some Hatfield's chicken and support the Friends of the Lansing Community Library. At the ballfields on Saturday, May 8th - 10:30am until gone. $8: 1/2 chicken only $10: 1/2 chicken, salt potatoes, [...]

Capiz Windchimes

May 4th, 2021|

May - Capiz Windchime Capiz are shells made by the Windowpane Oyster The Windowpane Oyster (Placuna placenta) is a bivalve marine mollusk in the family of Placunidae. The shells have been used for thousands of years as a glass substitute because of their durability and [...]

  • Take and Make Science - Touch

Sensory Sensations: Touch

May 4th, 2021|

Our last month is all about the sense of touch! Activities include: 1-2 Experiment - Test which parts of your body have more — or fewer — touch receptors using just a paper clip! Make a Texture Book - explore [...]

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