Volunteers are a critical component of the Lansing Community Library.

We have over 75 volunteers that collectively log well over 7,500 hours annually at the LCL! Our volunteers give their time, expertise and passion to make our library and our community a better place. If you are interested in learning about volunteer opportunities, read on…

What can volunteers do?

There are a number of volunteer opportunities at LCL. Some require a big time commitment while others are more seasonal or sporadic. With such a small staff, all volunteer roles are integral to the success of our library. The LCL is often in need of additional circulation assistant volunteers.

  • To find out more about being a circulation assistant, contact Susie Gutenberger, LCL Library Directir at director@lansinglibrary.org.

The Friends of LCL oversee a number of other volunteer roles at the LCL.

  • For more information about assisting with the gardens, book sales, programming, visiting art displays or fundraising, contact Megan Williams, Friends Chair at friendsoflcl@lansinglibrary.org.


Become a Lansing Community Library advocate​

Advocacy is an integral part of supporting our library! Here are a few resources to get started: