Take and Make Science: Sensory Sensations

January – May 2021

Join us for Sensory Sensations, a take-and-make program of science experiments and STEAM learning for kids of all ages. Each month from January to May, we will explore one of the five senses through a series of weekly experiments or projects. Most experiments can be done with items easily found at home, but we will also have packets available each month with the materials, printed instructions, and a list of related resources both in our collection and online.

No sign up necessary! Just stop by the Library during curbside pickup hours and request the materials packet for the month if you need it, or check back here each week to download experiment instructions.

We do have limited supplies, but will update this page when all packets have been given out each month. Please contact katies@lansinglibrary.org with any questions.

Month Theme Resources Materials Pickup
January Smell Overview
January 12: Guess the Smell
January 19: Sensory Spice Painting
January 26: Hound Dog Hunt
Jan 12
February Sight Overview
February 2: Secret Messages
February 9: Blind Spots
February 16: Eye Anatomy
February 23: Optical Illusions
Feb 2
March Sound
Lion with mouth open
March 2: Cup and String Phone
March 9: Model Eardrum
March 16: Ringing Ears / Summer Reading sound things
March 23: Musical Pipes
Mar 2
April Taste
April 6: Exploring Sweet, Salty, Sour, and Bitter
April 13: Smell & Taste
April 20: Jelly Bean Taste Test
April 27: Supertaster Test
April 6
May Touch
Caterpillar on hand
May 4: Map Your Homunculous
May 11: Make a Texture Book
May 18: Braille Alphabet
May 25: Sand Paper Rankings
May 4

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