LCL hosts special exhibits throughout the year featuring local artists in our downstairs Community Room. Shows typically run for a two-month period.

Current Exhibit

Past Exhibits

2023 January – February

“Photosynthesis” – Art Exhibit by Lansing High School Students

During the months of January and February we will be displaying the show “Photosynthesis” – photographs by students from the Lansing High School.
Stop by and look at their gorgeous work.
Art Teacher, Jessica Stratton, describes the exhibit as follows:
“With the popularity and accessibility of smartphone cameras, the art of capturing a well-exposed image using manual controls is becoming more of a rarity. For the photography students at Lansing High School, their field trip to Buttermilk and Ithaca Falls provided them the opportunity to put their newfound knowledge of the exposure triangle into practice. Students hiked with their tripods from the bottom to the top of Buttermilk Falls, stopping to capture long exposures of the gorge waterfalls, play with depth of field shots observing the abundant nature along the trails, and constantly changing their ISO settings depending on the lighting and scene they were trying to capture. These images are their “best of” shots from the trip.”

2022 November – December

Acrylic on Board & Canvas by Larry Beck

I graduated with a major in Art from Earlham College, with a concentration in Ceramics and Sculpture.
Since College I have worked with carpentry and timber framing as a Joiner.
A career in rental property management was followed by retirement and a renewed interest in painting and sculpture.
My paintings are acrylic on board and canvas. A long term interest generated by turning pottery is with “centuring’” as evidenced in my quilt star themed paintings.

2022 September – October

Acrylic Collages & Abstracts by Martin Kepecs

I am a self taught artist. I have been making art for sixty years, always experimenting and trying new things as I grow and things captivate my imagination.
My abstracts are meant to be pleasing to the eye. I am interested in the juxtaposition of color and shape – and have no other specific meaning. No politics, no hidden meanings! They are exclusively for the visual enjoyment of the viewer, and the maker.
I hope you enjoy my work.

2022 July – August

            Photography – Unedited by Morgan Wilcox

Morgan Wilcox is a student at the Cornell University Nolan College of Hotel Administration, concentrating in Food and Beverage. While a Senior at Lansing High School Morgan received a 2021 Scholastic Award, Honorary Mention. She participated in 4-H for ten years honing her skills in photography, during which she received Top Sr. Photography Tompkins County Youth Fair, Photography County Medal, and Blue-Ribbon Awards at the New York State Fair. Morgan’s other interests are reading and cooking.
Photos are unedited, primarily close-ups of flowers, and scenery.

2022 May – June

Digital Collage and Painting by Patrisha Heaton

Patty worked as a library media specialist for 33 years for Sidney and Lansing Schools. Upon her retirement, she joined an online Photo of the Day Club. She loved it and was inspired to began taking classes in digital collage and digital painting. Today, Patty is exploring and experimenting with digital collage and digital painting to create unique and beautiful art. Patty does all her work on an iPad.
View Patty’s artwork at

2022 April – May

Watercolors by Geri Gay

Geri Gay is the Kenneth J. Bissett Professor Emerita of Communication and Information Science at Cornell University and a Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellow. She founded and directed the Interaction Design Lab at Cornell from 1995-2017. She specialized in design and social psychology.

Geri’s publication, Pandemic Postings, is a whimsical exploration of the events of 2020-22 in cartoons painted in watercolors. Topics range from fake news and pandemic fashion to conspiracy theories and the political divide.

2020 January – February

Photography by Holly Hardie

Holly Hardie Photography

“I take photographs of things that I like – sunrise, sunset, flowers, unusual places in the world and at home on our dairy farm.” For more pictures of the farm, follow Walnut Ridge Farm on Facebook and Instagram.

2019 November

Bridget Alano: Portraits

Bridget Alano Portraits

Bridget is a senior at Lansing High School. She is also one of LCL’s chalkboard artists!

2019 September-October

Gerry Monaghan: Sculptural Basketry

Gerry Monaghan Sculptural Basketry

“Like Rumpelstiltskin, I am creating objects of art by weaving together the ubiquitous, the quotidian, and the ephemeral, instead of his straw. My work is sculptural basketry.

Tatlin meets Appalachian Craft tradition and beautiful organic forms take shape. Lila is a Hindu word which describes the play of the Gods. These works are my lila.

They are all about discovery through fun and games. They are math without the numbers. A simple set of rules guide each piece. Behind all this work, there is a language of materials and process that I have invented. Most of my materials cost pennies, and they weigh practically nothing. Everything is archival, toothpicks, skewers, cane, filter paper, ink, glue, wax, thread, and string offer infinite opportunities to become wall pieces, tableaux, mobiles.

Every piece leads to a new idea which in turn becomes the kernel of the next piece.

My highest goal for this work is to share making things with others.

2019 July – August

Kevin Mayer: Plein-air Landscapes

Kevin Mayer Plein-air Landscapes

Kevin Mayer is a professional artist with decades of experience as a painter and teacher in college, community school, and privately. Kevin finds joy in painting the local landscape out in the open air and sharing that joy through teaching others to paint landscape in “plein-air.” A graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, he currently offers classes in drawing and painting both at his studio in Groton and under the open sky. For more information visit Atelier Arts Ithaca or email

2019 May-June

A Lifetime of Art by Marian Scott

Marian Scott lifetime of art

Marian Scott (1921-2011) drew and painted since she was 4 years old and inherited her artistic talent from her mother’s side of the family. In grade school she wrote and illustrated booklets, filled scrap books with her work and won a significant award for her artwork from the Detroit Free Press newspaper.

She majored in Fine Arts at Michigan State College (now University) and over the decades produced many drawings, paintings, block prints, murals, and other art forms. Before color photographic film became widely available, she hand-colored family photographs using special oil colors.  She worked mainly from her own photographs, but did a few pleine air paintings.

After college and marriage, Marian lived in Churchville, NY near Rochester and taught painting and drawing in adult education at schools in Western New York in the 1950s and 60s. She painted in oil, acrylic, and watercolor, but the last picture she did was in colored pens. Her favorite artist was Michelangelo, and her most influential teacher was her mother. The paintings displayed here are from the collection of her daughter, Donna Scott, a Lansing resident.

2019 April

Jason Yahn

Jason Yahn

2019 January-March

Bethany LeBlanc

Bethany LeBlanc

The vibrant and playful watercolor paintings of Ithaca area artist Bethany LeBlanc capture dreamlike landscapes that range from surreal and enchanting to peaceful and soothing.

The scenes often spring forth from a place of indescribable emotion that is best captured by the brush so it can be properly shared.

Bethany has been creating these scenes since 2014 when a switch to watercolor sparked a new passion for exploring the interplay of colors and washes.

Born in Daytona, FL in 1987, Bethany has spent most of her life in the Ithaca area where she now lives with her husband and three children. Bethany’s children are a constant source of creative inspiration and often join her in the studio where she loves to teach and enjoy the exploration.

Interested in showing your art?

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