Pages to Projects – February 2022

Muggie MaggieThis month we will read Muggie Maggie by Beverly Cleary. From the publisher:

At first, Maggie is just feeling plain stubborn when she declares she won’t learn cursive. What’s wrong with print, anyway? And she can easily type on a computer, so why would she need to know how to read those squiggly lines? But soon all her classmates are buzzing about Maggie’s refusal to learn, especially after her teacher, Mrs. Leeper, says Maggie’s cursive is so sloppy that her name looks like “Muggie.”

With “Muggie Maggie” ringing in her ears, Maggie absolutely, positively won’t back down…until she’s appointed class mail messenger. All the letters that Mrs. Leeper sends to the office are in cursive, and Maggie thinks they are written about her. But there’s only way to know for sure…so what’s Maggie going to do?

Project: Cursive Practice Journal

Materials include:

  • Poetry Tongue Twister Cursive Practice Journal
  • Novelty Pencil
  • Copy of book (yours to keep)

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All kits have been claimed. Thank you for all who participated!