Short and Skinny Tween Book Club image

Tween Book Club – Take and Make

April 2021

Short and Skinny by Mark Tatulli is a graphic novel memoir about the author’s experience in the summer after seventh grade. From the publisher:

As a middle schooler, Mark finds himself on the smaller side of the physical spectrum–being short AND skinny has really wreaked havoc on his confidence. So to end his bullying woes and get the girl–or at least the confidence to talk to the girl–he starts to explore bulking up by way of the miracle cures in the backs of his comics. But his obsession with beefing up is soon derailed by a new obsession: Star Wars, the hottest thing to hit the summer of 1977. As he explores his creative outlets as well as his cures to body image woes, Mark sets out to make his own stamp on the film that he loves.

This month’s project features a Star Wars craft (just in time for May the Fourth), and a little bit of self-care. Make a Baby Yoda coffee sleeve, and a water bead stress ball.

Materials include:

  • felt
  • hook and loop closures
  • Yoda coffee sleeve pattern
  • rainbow beads
  • balloon

Household materials needed:

  • glue
  • scissors
  • water


All kits have been claimed. Thank you to those who participated! Materials will be ready to pick up the week of April 26.