Dungeons & Dragons Club

Can you solve the mysteries of Candlekeep? Peruse the vast, centuries-old library for answers to questions that time forgot. Many books contain mysteries of their own-each one a doorway to adventure!

Tweens and Teens are invited to join our Dungeons and Dragons club in a campaign based on the adventures in the Candlekeep Mysteries, a recent D&D Adventure module.

The club will meet every other Thursday starting October 7 from 3:30-5:30pm via Google Meeting (see scheduled meeting dates below). Links to join the Meet and campaign will be sent after registration. The program will run until June, and participants can join and leave as needed to fit their schedule.

If you have experience, feel free to create a character before the first meeting! If it’s your first time and you need help, we can walk you through it when you join.

Below are some videos that review the basics of D&D.

General Gameplay

Character Creation

Character Creation for Magic Users

Scheduled Dates

Meeting Dates
October 7
October 21
November 4
November 18
December 2
December 16