Micron pen drawings, colored pencil, watercolor paintings, acrylic paintings, laser paper cut

“I love you from the bottom of my heart” is something my grandfather would say to me and my sister when we cuddled on his lap during our visits. I have few memories of my grandfather and never really got to know the man who was a fun, hard working, and loving father to my mother. Well before I was born he had his first of twelve heart attacks and each one took a little more of who he was away.

The hearts act as a sentimental reminder of those I’ve loved and lost but also provide me comfort as the act of drawing or painting them feels like a meditative act.
I consider the drawings to be more like “eye candy,” with their intricate designs. Some of the paintings mark specific moments, such as when my adrenaline temporarily kept me from feeling pain during an accident or when my heart felt deflated after unsettling political election results.

Overall, these hearts are left open enough for each person to find their own connection or meaning in them. Whether it be a symbol of health, life, love, loss, compassion, or affection, I hope these hearts bring a bit of joy to those who see them.

Jessica Stratton is a working artist and educator in Ithaca, NY.
As a teacher, Jessica instructs her students how to communicate their ideas visually in a wide variety of mediums, both in traditional studio methods and digital production.
As an artist, Jessica employs a broad range of approaches in her own work, blending together digital and studio aesthetics. Her current body of work is an investigation of chronic illness and how one learns resilience and persevere through the experiences of pushing through physical struggles.

🎨 Art Exhibit
Jessica Stratton: From the bottom of my Heart
A series of anatomical heart illustrations

📅 December 2023 – January 2024

📍LCL Community Room
27 Auburn Rd.
Lansing, NY