Join us on Thursday, April 27th at 7:00pm at the Lansing Community Library when Tracy McLellan will share her photos and quilts with us as she describes her synthesis of birding, photography, and sewing.

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Winter weather inspired Tracy to seek the greenery and warmth of Costa Rica a few years ago, where she fell in love with birding. She has gone to Central and South America every winter since then. Photographing birds followed naturally. Transforming photos into quilts involved experimentation with several techniques. Eventually, she settled on thread painting to “draw” detailed and accurate portraits of birds, allowing her to create stunning quilts based on her own photos.

Tracy McLellan was born in Corning, lived in Ithaca as a teenager, moved a lot, and ended up in South Africa for 20 years, where she did research on plants and taught genetics at a university in Johannesburg. Now retired and moved back to the US, she has settled in Ludlowville. Tracy spends her time birding, gardening, and sewing.

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