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Join Dan Segal on Thursday, March 16th at 7:00pm at the Lansing Community Library as he shares his personal photographs that show a day in the life of the Cuban people.
Registration is required by March 14th to secure your spot.
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Dan describes his program as follows:

“My perspective on Cuba is based on five visits there, and on the friendships I’ve cultivated on those trips. It’s based on hundreds of conversations with those friends and their families living in Cuba, and on realistic, first-hand observations from those experiences. *Please note: This is not a political presentation!

Cuba’s 60+ years of single-party, state-run society have led to a nation on the brink of financial and structural collapse. Systems designed to educate and elevate its people, and balance whatever prosperity it had at the time, have aged poorly, and left the country stuck in time, with growing poverty and hunger.¬†However, the Cuban people are known for their warmth and their hospitality, their laughter and ingenuity, their pride and integrity. They are pretty much the same as people you know here–they want to work, make money, make life better for their children, overcome challenges, socialize, enjoy life and stay connected with family.

This presentation of all-original photos will mostly bypass the glamorous imagery found on travel websites. It will zoom in on the day to day life of Cuban people, in the capital city (Havana), and in rural outlying towns–small business endeavors, agriculture, the school day, families at home, infrastructure, etc.–illustrating some very positive aspects of life in Cuba along with the ongoing struggles.

Because Cuba has not changed much in 60 years, they have a rare opportunity to make a choice most countries have already made a long time ago–how to move forward in the modern world.”

Dan Segal is a local business owner (The Plantsmen Nursery). He and his wife Sarah have raised their family here and continue to enjoy Lansing and the local community more every year. Dan’s photography was mostly plant-related until his first visit to Cuba in 2017. Since then, he has been drawn in by Cuba’s warm and friendly people, and his photography focuses mostly on people engaged in daily life and work–looking for similarities and common emotions shared by all people. These photos are primarily from his 5th trip to Cuba in January 2023.

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