During the months of January and February we will be displaying the show “Photosynthesis” – photographs by students from the Lansing High School.
Stop by and look at their gorgeous work.
Art Teacher, Jessica Stratton, describes the exhibit as follows:
“With the popularity and accessibility of smartphone cameras, the art of capturing a well-exposed image using manual controls is becoming more of a rarity. For the photography students at Lansing High School, their field trip to Buttermilk and Ithaca Falls provided them the opportunity to put their newfound knowledge of the exposure triangle into practice. Students hiked with their tripods from the bottom to the top of Buttermilk Falls, stopping to capture long exposures of the gorge waterfalls, play with depth of field shots observing the abundant nature along the trails, and constantly changing their ISO settings depending on the lighting and scene they were trying to capture. These images are their “best of” shots from the trip.”