Pages to Projects – December 2021

Big Foot and Little FootThis month we will read Big Foot and Little Foot by Ellen Potter. From the publisher:

At the Academy for Curious Squidges, Hugo learns all manner of Sneaking—after all, the most important part of being a Sasquatch is staying hidden from humans. But Hugo dreams of roaming free in the Big Wide World rather than staying cooped up in caves. When he has an unexpected run-in with a young human boy, Hugo seizes the opportunity for a grand adventure. Soon, the two team up to search high and low for mythical beasts, like Ogopogos and Snoot-Nosed Gints. Through discovering these new creatures, together, Big Foot and Little Foot explore the ins and outs of each other’s very different worlds but learn that, deep down, maybe they’re not so different after all.

Project: Yarn Big Foot

Materials include:

  • Yarn
  • Copy of Big Foot and Little Foot (yours to keep)

Additional materials needed:

  • Clipboard, thin book, or piece of cardboard.
  • Scissors

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