May – Capiz Windchime

Capiz are shells made by the Windowpane Oyster

The Windowpane Oyster (Placuna placenta) is a bivalve marine mollusk in the family of Placunidae. The shells have been used for thousands of years as a glass substitute because of their durability and translucence. More recently, they have been used in the manufacture of decorative items such as chandeliers and lampshades; in this use, the shell is known as the capiz or kapis. Aside from being abundant in the province of Capiz, capiz shells are also abundant in the island of Samal in the Philippines, where 500 tons of capiz shells are harvested every other year.

Capiz shells are often used to make unique and beautiful windchimes because of their soothing, pleasant sound.

Your Capiz Windchime kit will contain a metal ring, clear fishing line, an assortment of colorful capiz shells, and basic instructions containing a few pictures to give you some design ideas.

Show us what you create!

Please send us a picture of your completed windchimes at!

We have a limited number of Capiz Windchime kits, and will share them on a first-come, first-served basis. Request a kit by calling us at 607-533-4939 or signing up below.

Kits will be ready for pick up on May 12th.

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