Fall 2020 Crafts

Take and make crafts are back! Each month we will offer a new craft designed for children. Below you will find descriptions of each craft and a registration form.

All kits will include all materials necessary to complete the craft, will be packed at least 3 days prior to pick up, and available via curbside pickup.

Autumn Leaf SuncatchersAutumn Leaf Suncatchers
Let fall colors shine through with this fun and easy craft. Each kit will provide enough material to make two leaves.
September Sep 3 Sep 7-11
Candy Corn Characters CraftCandy Corn Character
Get in on some Halloween fun by creating your own silly characters!
October Oct 8 Oct 12-16
Feather Necklace Take and Make CraftFeather Necklaces
Use feathers, stickers, beads, and some imagination to create stylish and unique necklaces.
November Nov 6 Nov 9-13
Easy Peasy Printmaking
Create your own printing plate to be able to make multiple copies of your own greeting cards, wrapping paper, and gifts.
December  Dec 3 Dec 7-11


The Fall 2020 program has ended. Thank you to all who participated! The last crafts will be available for pickup starting December 7. Check back soon to see our virtual gallery of all your crafts!

Starting in January, we will offer a Science at Home program featuring fun experiments each month to explore one of the 5 senses. Stay tuned for more details!