“The Fisherman and His Wife” with The Rev Theatre

“The Fisherman and His Wife” with The Rev Theatre

You won’t want to miss The Rev Theatre’s adaptation of the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale, The Fisherman and His Wife! A fisherman and his wife, Isabel, live in a small hut by the sea. They have everything they need and enjoy a simple, happy life. When a magical flounder turns up and starts granting wishes, Isabel is quickly consumed by greed, wishing her way through stints as queen, empress, and finally, ruler of the universe! The fisherman, wanting only for Isabel to be happy, spends all of his wishes on her whimsical desires. When the flounder finally asks him what he wants, the fisherman replies “…for Isabel to be happy with her life, no matter what it takes.” He returns home to find Isabel beaming at the door of their old humble hut. Both she and the fisherman learned that getting everything we want is not nearly as important as appreciating everything we have.

Join us near the tent located behind the Lansing Town Hall.


Aug 06 2022


11:00 am

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