Each session will be held on Wednesdays at 7:00 to 8:00 pm. Naya Sou will empower you to build the confidence to strategically pursue your unique financial aspirations. Please RSVP to reserve your seat!

• RSVP with Bobbie at bobbiew@lansinglibrary.org and let us know what sessions you plan on attending.

April 10, 2024
What to Know about the SECURE Acts’ Impacts on Your Personal Finance
Presenter: Naya Sou
The SECURE Acts brought some of the biggest changes to retirement planning in recent years. In this session, we will explore some of the key provisions, how they impact your financial plan, and strategies to mitigate some of the impacts. We will focus particularly on one of the biggest changes, the elimination of “stretch IRA” and what that means for asset transfers to future generations.

April 17, 2024
Title: Estate Planning Fundamentals, Asset Planning, Protection, and Wealth Transfer
Presenters: Karen McMullen and Naya Sou
This session focuses on the basics of estate planning and how they play an important role in your financial and non-financial life. We will discuss two case studies where estate planning has major impacts on asset protection and wealth transfer.

May 1, 2024
Title: Explore the Alphabet Soup of Savings and Investment Accounts-Help Me Choose!
Presenter: Naya Sou
With so many account types, investment options, and the complex tax implications, how do you choose the best ways to save and invest for your future? This session will explore the different ways you can save and invest with an emphasis on understanding the tax implications. The goal is to help you identify the best savings “waterfall”—the order in which you save and how much towards each account.

May 8, 2024
Title: How to Jumpstart (Your) and Your Child’s Retirement
Presenter: Naya Sou
Many adults wish they had started saving for retirement at a younger age. This session will dive into the importance of early savings, with a special focus on the Roth IRA. We will explore the role Roth IRA plays in your child’s future financial security as well as its role in helping you mitigate the tax impacts since the passage of the SECURE Acts.

Naya Sou is a financial advisor with Forum Financial Management, LP, an SEC registered investment advisory firm. She is a member of the Financial Planning Association and the Estate Planning Council of Tompkins County. She serves on the board of the Women’s Opportunity Center in Ithaca. Naya is a passionate advocate for financial literacy and strives to empower her clients and non-clients to gain confidence in financial decision making.